Strike Gold Shave

Strike Gold Shave | Teddy Shaving Soap


Scent description :

  • Scented with floral notes and a base of amber, vanilla, and sandalwood

For a man of the great outdoors like Teddy Roosevelt, this aroma hits all the right notes. This fragrance takes aromas that might be found stomping (or horseback riding) through the foothills, wildernesses, and prairies of the American West. Top notes of wild lavender, lemon blossom, and acai berry are married to mid notes of yellow iris petals, pink peony, and white magnolia. All of this is laid on a dry base of gilded amber, creamy vanilla, soft sandalwood, and cotton musk. As one reviewers said, “Like Teddy standing on top of Glacier Point in Yosemite, I could feel the breeze with the scent of lavender mixed with old woods drifting past. It was an amazing, warm and comforting soap.”

Size: 5 oz.

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