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Stirling Soap Co. | Bergamot Lavender Post-Shave Balm


Scent Description

If Lavender had a peel, this is what it would smell like. Spicy, sweet, floral, and most definitely unique.


Distilled Water, Witch Hazel, Aloe, Emulsifying Wax, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Glycerin, Myristyl Myristate (Co-Emulsifier), Grapeseed Oil, Refined Shea Butter, Essential Oil, Vitamin E, Optiphen Plus, Stearic Acid, Coconut Oil, Allantoin

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Good moisturizer/balm

Works really well on my face moisturizing after a shower or shave. Not greasy and the scent is nice, not too strong, and the ingredients and price are good. Stirling's Pink Clay Facial Soap is so good I usually don't even find myself needing to use this after a shower though honestly, but if my face ever is dry this stuff is really good. If I wasn't lazy I should be using it all the time regardless cause I do think it makes my skin look better somehow when I do use it. It's a good product and I think if you have acne or skin issues it could help, its got a good balance of being moisturizing but not greasy and good ingredients so it shouldn't cause issues. A lot of what I think are bad moisturizing products have petrolatum/vaseline in them which obviously gives it a heavy greasy gross feel and probably lots of other things in them that aren't great for your skin or how it feels. This doesn't have any of that

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