Saponificio Varesino

Saponificio Varesino Mirto di Sardegna Beta 4.3 – Shaving Soap 150g


Shaving Soap Refill with Myrtus Communis Leaf oil (Essential Oil of Myrtle), Toning and Dermopurifying.

Hard Soap (Triple Milled), to be used with brush. A TRUE Classic and Traditional shave for a soft, nourished and toned skin.

Each soap has a UNIQUE formulation and has been designed and developed following the direct requests and expectations of those who, like you, want to allow themselves to shave in maximum comfort without compromising on quality.

The scent of Mirto di Sardegna harmonizes with the aromas of natural additives, creating a woody aromatic note.

We started, following the needs and expectations of end users towards shaving soap. The Beta 4.3 indication indicates the product development course. A considerable number of tests and upgrades were necessary to reach a result of full satisfaction with Beta 4.0. The passion for research and development has then pushed us to further improve the formula, always using only plant-based and best quality vegetables, in order to give the most pleasant sensations during shaving.

The soap is worked in extruder, extruded and sliced ​​by hand. The logo on the soap is “hammered” as it was used to do at the beginning of the last century, before the advent of printing machines.

The refill is housed in a transparent PET container to be used as a “cartridge” for loading in our specially designed bowls (in wood: alder or mahogany colored ash), giving the possibility of interchanging the various refills at will. The only soap, without PET, is also housed in elegant resin bowls: Imitation Horn, Imitation Tartaruga, Imitation Ivory.

Although the PET container can be used alone as a bowl, it is NOT designed for this purpose.

With pride we can define the product  100% MADE IN ITALY in its entirety.

Usage Advice
Saponificio Varesino’s formulations contain active ingredients that, in order to obtain the best perfomance, need to solubilize and/or melt. The maximum performance can be obtained in this way: cover the soap surface with a thin veil of hot water for few minutes. Soak a badger shaving brush, rinse it well and then pour the thin veil of water that bloomed the soap on the brush, and then start loading (20-30 seconds), face or bowl lather without adding water.

Not tested on animals

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