Myrsol | Shaving Cream, “Don Miguel” 1919

$18 $27.99

Myrsol Shaving Cream “Don Miguel 1990” 150gr. Shaving cream enriched with lanoline. Especially created for shaving with a brush. The cream softens the hair making it easier for the blade to slide across the face. The soft, creamy texture makes it easy to create a rich, dense lather that turns your shaving ritual into a pleasant shaving experience. It respects the PH of the skin, protects and hydrates.

“Don Miguel 1919” has a light jasmine aroma that is refreshing. The fragrance is uniquely fresh, floral and decidedly masculine. The formula has been dug up from the master recipe book and recreated to pay homage to the brand’s founder, Don Miguel Ricou. The original 1960’s aroma has been reinvented with a more up-to-date scent with the aim of surprising the user by being subtle and elegant.

Made in Spain.

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