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Sean Mullen started Maol Grooming with the desire to create an aftershave that didn’t leave him feeling burned. After years of loving wet shaving but struggling with the post-shave, he finally decided to create his own. After a year of different formulations and testing, he had the final concoction. Try Maol Grooming Aftershave Splash – it just might be the best possible post-shave feel available.

The aftershave is handmade with natural ingredients in Ontario, Canada. The small batch process ensures consistency and quality. This second version of his much-loved splash is still a wonderful, skin-nourishing post shave splash.

FrankinLime is a creation of mad genius. Notes of frankincense are added to a traditional citrus accord to bring you something crisp, fresh, and unique. Lime, pink grapefruit, orange, and lemon provide the zest while lavender and rose round out a slightly sweet floral to bring you this intoxicating aroma that pairs well with many grooming products in the citrus family.

Size: 100 ml

Made in Canada

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