Los Jabones de Joserra

Los Jabones de Joserra | Passion Incense Shaving Soap 125g

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This incense aroma begins with a top note of cypress, followed by middle notes of rose, jasmine and cinnamon that rest on an oriental background with notes of incense, oudh, cedar wood, amber, musks, vanilla, benzoin and labdanum. .

Handcrafted in Spain.

4.5 oz


Vegetable stearin. Beef tallow. Shea butter. Glycerin. Kokum butter. Jojoba oil. Coconut oil. Castor oil. Refined duck fat. Argan oil. Apricot Kernel Oil. Camellia oil. Lanolin. Premium fragrance. Rhassoul. Water. Sodium hydroxide. Potassium hydroxide.

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