Los Jabones de Joserra

Los Jabones de Joserra | Kush


Kush is the latest offering from Joserra Shaving Soaps (Los Jabones de Joserra) and, it is a BullGoose Shaving exclusive. The scent is a masculine woody oriental accord with opening notes of grapefruit, lemon and rhubarb. These opening notes lead to a rich woody heart of patchouli, cedar, orris and jasmin on a base of labdanum, sandalwood, guaiacwood, amber, musk, leathery castoreum, tonka, vanilla and a hint of raspberry.

Joserra Shaving Soaps have gained a huge following in Europe and, they are sure to be the next big thing in the United States. How can they not be? The soaps are top shelf in both scent and performance.

Joserra soaps are easy to lather and, they provide a really slick and rich lather with excellent skin conditioning properties. The residual slickness of the soaps makes them an excellent choice for straight razors and DE razors alike.

Product of Spain



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