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Extro Cosmesi | Rose Balsamic Fluid


Extro ‘Cosmetics Pink Balsamic Fluid 100ml

Pink Balsamic Fluid thanks to the rose water and the oils it contains, it has a decongestant, soothing and refreshing action.

Ideal for use on skin that is reddened or irritated by shaving, the active ingredients of the highest quality make the balsamic rose fluid a real cure-all for our skin.

Ideal use on stressed, damaged, post-shave or hot skin thanks to its mother ingredients which are: Rose water, Aloe, Borage seed oil and Menthol

Furthermore, the Pink Balsamic Fluid contains a sun filter, allows optimal use for baldness, allowing hydration and protection.

How to use: Distribute evenly on the skin, leave to act. Then proceed with an eventual application of an aftershave or alcoholic perfume.

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