Extro Cosmesi

Extro Cosmesi | Freddo Eau du Toilette Aftershave

$25 $32.99

Extrò Cosmesi Freddo eau de toilette aftershave 125 ml- In glass bottle, handmade product. It can be used as a perfume because it’s an eau de toilette or aftershave that contains emollient ideal substances for after shaving.

Donato Ciniello-Extrò Cosmesi. Donato Ciniello works in the world of cosmetics for over thirty years. But from less than a decade he’s discovered a passion for the traditional shaving. Very soon this passion has become an important business (Extrò Cosmesi), with customers from all over the world. Its center of gravity is Settimo Torinese, where it produces and sells products such as razors, creams, soaps and shaving brushes, and where really it’s created the so-called “free hand’s wall”, dedicated to those using traditional shavers.

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