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Catie’s Bubbles | Eau de The After Shave Lotion


This scent was originally created for the 2019 Wetshavers Meet-Up. I thought it was gone forever due to unavailability of an ingredient I used to craft the fragrance but something smiled on us and it is back.

Eau de The is a fresh, semi aquatic, tea based scent that puts a smile on my face as I try to smell through all of its layers. The starting point for its design was a matcha green tea lemon drop, a favorite drink of the Gentleman who put together the Meet-Up in Carolina and we used it as a jumping off point. I decided to ditch the lemon and use bergamot as our opening citrus. I kept a tiny pinch of ginger behind it over a green and black tea accord. I'm known for not being able to keep things simple when my mind gets going. So, we wound up with some aldehydes, some orris root, and a blend of aquatic, green, grassy, ozonic notes in the heart. I finished out the base with some warm musks, woods, and a kiss of incense.

Ingredients: alcohol denat (SDA-40B), distilled water, sorbitol, fragrance, white willow bark(salix alba) extract, chamomile (matricaria recutita) extract, allantoin

3.3 Fl. Oz / 100 ml

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