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The Black Mountain range of the Appalachians towers over our small mountain town. We don’t just come here because of its natural beauty; we come here to be a part of a way of life - our religion. It changes our outlooks and the ways we interact with our neighbors from all walks of life. These powerful mountains remind us we are just a part of something much greater than ourselves. We accept all walks of life, respectful of each other’s beliefs, and to enable each other to thrive.

The Abbey is dedicated to the spiritual and religious rooted history of our town and our ways of life, from the Cherokee and their beliefs creation began here to the home of Billy Graham in nearby Montreat.

The scent originates from my time spent in an all boys Catholic High School and raised Episcopalian. It is named after the Belmont Abbey monastery and my daughter, Abby. It is an incense forward scent combined with warm amber and vanilla with an ever so slight hint of rose. It was developed to be a low-moderate strength scent so that it blends with your surrounding environment instead of over powering it.

Just like our way of life, we keep it simple.

Scent Notes: incense, amber, balsam, absinthe, vanilla, aldehydes, saffron, rose, osmanthus, lime, & ylang-ylang 

Volume: 50ml (approx. 1.7 Fl.Oz.)

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