Barrister and Mann Seville in Reserve Shaving Soap | R/WetShaving Exclusive

CAD $26.99

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We are happy to offer to Canadian and international wetshavers the opportunity to pickup the /r/wetshaving Barrister and Mann exclusive Reserve Seville.


There are some requirements to make this happen due to the high costs of making this line, such as minimum order quantities (MOQ). Also to keep things simple in the event the MOQ’s are not met we are opening this up as a preorder which will be open for two weeks starting today. If you pre order you will have a hold on your form of payment. If the MOQ is not met the hold will be removed and no further processing or refund is needed.

Soap MOQ – 150 jars Aftershave MOQ – 250 bottles

To explain, if one item does not reach its MOQ then neither items will be made and all payment holds will be refunded and the exclusive will be scrapped.

The pricing is as follows: Soap – $20.99 ($26.99 CDN) Aftershave – $23.99($30.99) As I stated above there will be a $1 donation per item to Sam Fund



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