Starter Kit with Barrister and Mann Latha Shaving Soap



This starter kit includes one of the Latha soaps from Barrister and Mann (15.95CAN). In addition to your choice of one of four soap scents from Barrister and Mann the kit also includes the following at a discounted price; one of our in house chrome safety razors, an Omega boar shaving brush, and 10 blades to get you started (5 Astra and 5 Shark).

Your soap options include:

Latha Oceana – Oceana is a very refreshing and light smelling soap.

Latha Sandalwood – The Sandalwood is always a classic.

Latha Taiga – Taiga provides you an experience of feeling like you are outdoors with its blend of cedar, pine, and balsam.

Latha Lavanda – As the name suggests Lavanda provides that lavender scent that is hard not to enjoy.

*Please note that demand may require us to substitute the Omega brush pictured for one of equal or greater value.

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