Wholly Kaw | Fern Concerto – Mentholated Shaving Soap

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From the vendor:

Fern Concerto with synthetic menthol.  Cooling effect without the smell of menthol. Immediate cool freshness. Reactivating sensation with humidity and safe for all skin types. Does not generate burning sensations.

Scent profile:

A well crafted blend of bergamot, lemon and basil with background notes of cumin and fruit. Complemented by middle notes of jasmine, patchouli with carnation, coriander, orris root and sandalwood providing the background. Rounded by the base notes of oakmoss, amber and musk.

3 reviews for Wholly Kaw | Fern Concerto – Mentholated Shaving Soap

  1. ohtararan

    this soap describe to how is made excellent shaving soap. i love everything about it. fregrance, lather, cushioning, moisturizing are they perfect. i have sacred three now, mikes neatural, martin de candre and wolly kaw.

  2. swerner0001

    This is probably my favourite soap at the moment. Absolutely love it! Perfect amount of menthol. Great slickness and probably the best post shave of all my soaps. Has a nice strong scent strength. Almost has a bit of a subtle cologne scent about it. A fairly thirsty soap and all around amazing performer.

  3. richardper

    Cool not cold. Complex and subtle scent that is more wood than citrus but you can pick up the notes. Outstanding performance with a slick lather that holds up for multiple passes. Pairs well with a citrus or woodsy aftershave. Highly recommended.

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