Tallow + Steel Himalaya Shave Soap


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Invigorate your senses with a warm, sweet oriental scent – fresh from the Himalayas.

This warm and spicy blend of essential oils harvested from the foothills of the Himalayas stimulates the senses, transporting you to the small villages that dot the landscape of Nepal and India.

This blend is centered around authentic amber oil – extracted from million-year-old fossilized Himalayan tree resin. exotic oils hailed for their impressive scent qualities like jasmine, vanilla, and rhododendron combine with other unique oils from this mystical region for a scent that reflects the soul of adventure.

The essence of Himalaya is one that shuns the everyday for the extraordinary: a complex scent created using the most exotic of ingredients.

amber + himalayan cedarwood + benzoin + tobacco + labdanum + vanilla + jasmine + rhododendron + palmarosa + cardamom + beeswax + sugandha kokila


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