Phoenix and Beau V60 Seasonal Tallow Shaving Soap

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From Phoenix and Beau

What does it smell of? V60 is a smooth gourmand profile that is full of subtle layers and discovery.

Inspired by our love of sweet and fruity coffee it opens with the gentle notes of Madagascan cocoa and Brazilian coffee. These are taken directly from food grade extracts and imbue a soft and warming element that is quietly persistent throughout the accord.

The heart comprises of green notes of floral tobacco and warming and exotic vanilla. Grounding and calming benzoin anchors all of the above and rounds out an accord that is as smooth as our soap is awesome.

Please note In the context of scent strength, V60 is the lighter side of medium.

Attention to detail: Our enterprise is an intimate family operation where we focus on the detail, quality and aesthetic of our products and we focus on you, our customer. An example is how we use our own hands to blend each essential oil accord. These are carefully meted out recipes that are made one batch at a time and added to the just made soap.

Ingredients: Potassium stearate, aqua, potassium tallowate (bovine), potassium castorate, cocos lactate, glycerin, potassium safflowerate, potassium shea butterate, lanolin, allantoin, tussah silk and essential oils. Extracts: Brazilian coffee and Madagascan cocoa. Essential oils: Benzoin, roasted coffee and cardamom. Fragrance oils: Coffee and tobacco.

1 review for Phoenix and Beau V60 Seasonal Tallow Shaving Soap

  1. Matt

    Great scent. Reminds me of Tootsie Rolls with a kiss of tobacco and vanilla. Shave performance is spectacular and post shave is lovely. Finishes well with ‘Stirling Gentleman’ from Stirling Soap Co aftershave. Pick this up if TOTC still has it on sale. Great comforting scent

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