Moon Soaps | Old School Tallow Shave Soap

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From Moon Soaps:

Before anything was mixed into the pot, we knew what this soap needed to be. Huge amount of tallow, like soap used to be. A deep, rich scent- complex and timeless. We wanted this to be an all around amazing product- how it looks, how it smells, how it performs. Our anchor and our cornerstone supporting the rest of our line.

Notes of tobacco play on top of vetiver, leather, mahogany and sweet vanilla. A manly and truly “old school” fragrance.

3 reviews for Moon Soaps | Old School Tallow Shave Soap

  1. John M

    This soap shaves like a dream. Big thick shiny lather, incredible slickness, and an excellent manly tobacco and vanilla scent. I would recommend this product to every wet shaver. One of the best new soap makers out there- very impressed!

  2. olaf (verified owner)

    Good shaving performance as well as good post-shave results. Scent is somewhat sweet probably due to the vanilla. Nice packaging and price is good too for a 6 oz container, which should last a long time. Try it if you want something different in your shave rotation.

  3. cullguitars (verified owner)

    Very good soap base…. Scent definitely has an old school feel to it. This could easily be a daily driver if you only had 1 soap. Plus it’s 6oz

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