EXTRO’ COSMESI | Bergamotto di Calabria Shaving Cream

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Extro Bergamotto di Calabria Shaving Cream is made in the traditional Italian ‘croap’ style – somewhere between a hard cream and a soft soap, with this soap sitting at the softer end of the spectrum.

Made from a 100% vegetable base, these soaps offer superb glide and cushioning and are ideal for vegans.

Extro Bergamotto di Calabria Shaving Cream is enriched with added citrus, lemon, orange, and mandarin extracts bringing antioxidant properties and elasticising the skin thanks to the high vitamin C content.

A wonderfully elegant bergamot fragrance combined with citrus and lily of the valley. Head notes of bergamot, orange, lemon, grapefruit, and mandarin. A heart of bergamot, flowers, jasmine, violet, and lily. Bottom notes of bergamot and musk.


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2 reviews for EXTRO’ COSMESI | Bergamotto di Calabria Shaving Cream

  1. Dan Walsh (verified owner)

    Very simple, if you are looking to try an Extro Cosmesi soap and love bergamot this is for you. Like all the Extro soaps, lather, glide and protection are all amazing on this line, but the scent is a standout ! An elegant, soft bergamot backed up by sweet citrus that is not too strong but just right. If bergamot is in the three levels of the scent pyramid – how can bergamot lovers not like this !! Arancia is next !

  2. aminyobeidat (verified owner)

    Great performing crop. If you love the smell of bergamot, you should check this soap out.

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