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Extrò Cosmesi Felce and Lavanda handcrafted shaving cream 150 ml. 100% vegetable shaving cream.

Donato Ciniello-Extrò Cosmesi. Donato Ciniello works in the world of cosmetics for over thirty years. But from less than a decade he’s discovered a passion for the traditional shaving. Very soon this passion has become an important business (Extrò Cosmesi), with customers from all over the world. Its center of gravity is Settimo Torinese, where it produces and sells products such as razors, creams, soaps and shaving brushes, and where really it’s created the so-called “free hand’s wall”, dedicated to those using traditional shavers.

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1 review for EXTRO’ COSMESI | Lavanda Shaving Cream

  1. The Velvet Mane (verified owner)

    The label image for Extro’ Comesi, a reverent image of Don Donato churning, is probably one the most honest in all of shavedom. For me, it speaks of craftsmanship, of tradition, of artisanal and culture inheritance. All this merit amounts to integrity contained in a heavy glass presentation and a wonder it is. Composed of a vegetal ingredient base that includes shea butter and beetroot (beta vulgaris) extract, my clock has naturally turned back from Tony Danza to Jon Bon Jovi within one shave. Scent wise, the name sums it up perfectly; a crispy lavender and sweet cumin/aniseed blend that is tempered with oakmoss, musk, tonka bean, amber and sandalwood. Classically light to mid strong yet enough. As for performance, the accolades are warranted. All requisite markers checked and a post shave that screams sweet cheeks. I’ve got the chorus to Flying Burrito Brothers’ tune, ‘Older Guys’, ringing in my head!

    “The older guys tell me what it’s all about
    The older guys really got it all worked out
    Since we got the older guys to show us how
    I don’t see why we can’t stop right now.”

    Grazie Don Donato! Of course, TOTC for bringing it here. Thank you!

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