Chiseled Face Summer Storm Shaving Soap

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From the vendor:

Walking through the countryside, you are caught by a sudden rain storm. Taking shelter under an outcropping of rock, you drink in the scent of nature as it is being washed by rain. This is not a sterile scent, there is some grit and dirt in it, and yet it is clean and fresh. Perfect for those days when you have to spend your days behind a desk, but would rather be out enjoying nature.

Moist earth, oak moss, cut grass, pine needles, orange, lemon, ozone, white jasmine, lily of the valley, geranium and musk.

4oz of tallow based soap in a plastic tub (4″ diameter and 2″ tall).


Stearic Acid, Aloe Vera Juice, Potassium Hydroxide, Beef Tallow, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Glycerin, Fragrance, Mango Butter, Avocado Oil, Silk Powder

Tub is oversized to allow for easy loading of your shaving brush.

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6 reviews for Chiseled Face Summer Storm Shaving Soap

  1. Mark Bezzina

    An absolutely fantastic fresh aquatic scent offset with a mossy, murky base; just what can be expected from Chiseled Face. The soap isn’t quite the lather machine on par with Barrister and Mann or Stirling, but the Chiseled Face scent line more than makes up for it. Chiseled face is a must-have for any shaving enthusiast.

  2. Dan Walsh (verified owner)

    Think this is my 6th Chiseled Face soap (still have to work up the guts to try the Cryogen!). As usual, everything about this line is just great, lathers up like crazy, cushion is amazing and post shave feel is right up there ! This reminds me of when I was younger going on camping trips in Vermont, where it always seemed to rain at least one day and we had to stay in the lean-to and drink beer ! Earthy and mossy, slight sweetness to it and an ozone tinge to it. Just anotther great one in the line.

  3. williamejb (verified owner)

    This soap is unspeakably amazing, the scent is more of an environment that cheers the soul, and the lather is protective enough for a noob to not eviscerate oneself.

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