Catie’s Bubbles | ’95 Liquid Labels Luxury Shaving Soap

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From Catie’s Bubbles:

A fresh, clean, slightly sweet scent with notes of citrus, apple and even cottonflower. Based on a fragrance released in 1995 that will bring back memories of summer days, feeling razor sharp and listening to Wu remind us that the labels aren’t always what they seem.

Net wt. 4oz

Ingredients: stearic acid, water, coconut oil, potassium hydroxide, shea butter, fragrance, sodium hydroxide, jojoba oil, sodium lactate, and glycerin

This is a 4oz pour in a 8oz jar so you will see that the jar is approximately half full. This is done intentionally to give room for the brush to load directly in the tub.

1 review for Catie’s Bubbles | ’95 Liquid Labels Luxury Shaving Soap

  1. Caia Innis

    ’95 Liquid Labels is inspired by the 1995 classic “Tommy” by Tommy Hilfiger. It’s stronger in the tub than on your face, and by the time you’ve applied your post-shave products you probably won’t smell much more than a hint of it left over. Opens with hints of citrus, fresh apple (like a ripe apple before you peel / bite / slice it open), and some cotton. Safe, pleasant, and inoffensive would all be good words for this soap. The apple and citrus in it always point my mind toward the top notes of Aventus (Black currant, bergamot, apples, and pineapple), making this soap a good lead-in for that fragrance.

    Performance is great, even in my hard prairie water. Pretty normal to lather and use, good slickness, no dryness or tightness post-shave. You’d never know you’re shaving with a tallow-free soap if the ingredient list didn’t say so.

    Four stars, only because it always leaves me wishing that the scent were stronger.

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