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There are some scents whose profiles are so difficult to describe that all but the haughtiest perfume critics shrink away in fear. These fragrances fascinate and bewitch simply by the nature of their very indefinability. Like olfactory ghosts, they wend their way through our daily lives, strikingly familiar, yet completely without form.
Violet is one of these.
Some describe it as “candy floral” or “spicy flowers,” but, to us, it smells simply of Springtime. To that end, Barrister and Mann blended ethereally beautiful facets of violet, clover, petitgrain, bergamot, and hops to create a crisp, slightly bitter citrus floral scent that invokes memories of cool, quiet Sunday mornings spent drinking tea in the sunshine. Sparkling and elegant, Saeryan is a soap best reserved for when you want to feel your very finest.
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10 reviews for Barrister and Mann | Saeryan Shaving Soap

  1. m.phaneuf

    This is a gorgeous scent that is a floral without being flowery. The spicy note adds a complexity which gives way to an incredible clean finish to the scent. The new excelsior base is elite in every measure. From the thick pillowy cushion providing excellent protection to the unbelievable glide, primary and residual slickness and a top post shave. This soap smells and feels incredible. Get this limited set while you can. You won’t regret it.

  2. Kevin Kluczynski (verified owner)

    If you haven’t tried BM, not sure what you are waiting for soaps are top notch! Not a floral fan typically but this is a homerun for me by all accounts. It feels as though there is a deep floral richness that is not overwhelming. Very approachable, pleasant scent to the nose, and clean. Debating on another set since I enjoy the scent so much!

  3. NJT (verified owner)

    Not typically a floral fan either but I think the addition of hops and bergamot balance the floral notes. It’s a very clean and refreshing scent. Hope to see more collaborations between Top of the Chain and B&M in the future.

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