Ariana & Evans | Barbiere Sofisticato Shaving Soap

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From the artisan:

Barbiere Sofisticato is reminiscent of an old world barbershop. Sit back and relax in your aged leather Barbershop chair. Powder, leather, spices, woods…it’s all here. This will most certainly become a classic.

Notes: Pink Pepper, bergamot, lavender, violet leaf, tonka bean, vanilla, leather, amber, sandalwood, cedarwood, musk and oakmoss.

1 review for Ariana & Evans | Barbiere Sofisticato Shaving Soap

  1. Benjamin Wright

    Peter Charkalis has created a very unique take on the barber shop genre. In fact, I wouldn’t even classify this as a barber shop scent; instead, it feels like he’s crafted a scent that evokes the memory of a barber shop. Scent strength isn’t up to the A&E bold standard available in his other soaps; instead, this is more subdued. It doesn’t really develop as you lather, either. So it’s a pretty linear scent that blends leather and powder to a pleasing experience. Performance is stellar, as with all of A&E’s offerings.

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