Abbate Y La Mantia Vulcano Shaving Soap

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From the vendor:

This soap comes from the center of the earth.
We have saponified our extract from saffron active ingredients, home farmed in Maremma, with the best macerated vegetal charcoal and organic extra virgin olive oil, produced directly by ourselves.
The olive oil has not just simply been added but it has been inserted in the saponification phase itself. Therefore we could also describe this as a shaving soap which does not simply contain olive oil but as a soap which has saponified olive oil together with the vegetable charcoal, offering a wonderful scrub effect during shaving.

All these ingredients are melted with our traditional extract from saffron pistils.
To make this new recipe even better, we also have added a very particular spicy chili pepper seed fragrance. It is a fragrance which is exceptionally green and that, initially, seems to refresh, but, later on, after a longer olfactory analysis, spreads out as a warm and definitely masculine balsamic fragrance. There is also a nice scrub feel and face lift to the soap as well.
We are very proud to offer you the fire.


1 review for Abbate Y La Mantia Vulcano Shaving Soap

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    This is my first in this line for me and am quite impressed. The lather is amazing and when applying this soap, it has a great scrubbing feeling (you can feel the “grit” when whipping it up in the bowl) and you get a nice warming feeling as you lather. There is a slight anise scent, but you mostly get is a spicy, peppery vegetal vibe, having sliced open a fresh, hot style pepper. I have quite a few soaps and at this stage I am looking for very different soaps and this definitely falls into that category. Scent strength is good for me but the post shave feel is the selling point here !

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