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The Christopher Bradley razor is a classic double edge safety razor that will provide a smooth shave and years of service.  All aspects of manufacture are meticulously controlled to provide consistent performance and clean aesthetics.

Most notably, the handle is decorated with a pattern that is inspired by the centuries-old guilloche technique commonly used in watch making.  The pattern is cut into the body of the handle, instead of formed, which ensures that all of the edges of the pattern are smooth and clean, while still providing plenty of friction for wet fingers.

The razor is available with any one of 3 different solid bar (SB) plates, each with increasing aggressiveness, to tailor your shave to your face and style. From least aggressive to most aggressive, the SB plates range from B to D.

The entire razor is constructed from solid brass and is bead blasted for a subtle matte finish.  As is the case with all uncoated brass items, a patina will form over time and the surfaces will darken.

The razor is complete and only requires a blade to be ready to use.

The handle is available in 3.25″, 3.5″lengths to suit your style.  All handles employ a #10-32 thread.

100% Made in Canada

3 reviews for Karve Shaving Co. | The Christopher Bradley Razor Brass

  1. richardper

    IMHO the smoothest razor on the market. I’ve not gone back to any of the other razors in my den either modern or vintage. Built at the highest quality and Canadian to boot. With free shipping, hard to get a better deal. Really is an outstanding product.

  2. mascardamaglia (verified owner)

    This razor is a pleasure to use. I haven’t used any other razor since receiving it over a month ago.

  3. Dan Walsh (verified owner)

    I don’t have a lot of razors (about 10) and I don’t do any reviews on them either cause I think you have to experience them for yourself, but this one is a gem. I have the brass version presently using the SB-D plate (I’ve ordered the SB-C and OC-C plates). This is so well built, with little or no chance of blade mis-alignment and when tightened with the washer absolutely no blade chatter, providing one of the smoothest shaves I have had. Nicely balance in the hand with the 3.5″ handle. Problem with this damn thing is you may not go back to your other razors ! Just get one !

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