Fatip | Cromato Grande Testina Gentile

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Weight: 66 g / Total length – 87 mm / Handle Length – 78 mm / Head width – 42 mm

Il Chrome Classic Gentile is a safety razor made of 3 pieces distinguished by the classic design of the Ionic column handle that stops with the elegant knurled base which facilitates the screw opening of the head. It is made entirely of brass and then subjected to the metal finishing process. The razor is perfectly balanced and easy to use.

The new gentle closed-comb head ensures a smooth and gentle shave on all types of lather

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1 review for Fatip | Cromato Grande Testina Gentile

  1. SidSuds (verified owner)

    There are a lot of positive reviews online with this razor, so your experience may be different. I tried Personna Red (my go to), 7’Oclock SS and Derby blades along with good quality soaps. For me, this razor has a fair bit of blade feel, mid plus aggression as I see it. It is efficient but the cost was post shave irritation that required a healthy dose of balm to manage.

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