Barbedeaux Chrome Polished Safety Razor

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From Barbedeaux:

About our Razor:
Sleek, Stylish, Bold The Barbedeaux DE Safety Razor, with its chrome-plated, hand polished handle brings a contemporary twist while paying homage to the classic style of the early DE razors. This Razor effortlessly glides over the skin making it perfect not only for pros but also new comers to the wet shaving experience. Designed with a precision closed-comb shaving head it provides a smooth perfect shave, that helps prevent razor burns and ingrown hairs. The curve of the top plate allows for nice placement under the chin.

Razor: Chrome plated Brass
Fit stand open size: 12-13mm
Package box size: 158*59*35mm

Product Details:
Barbedeaux Premium Double Edged Safety Razors simply feel better while doing a better job than the dreadful disposable razors. Our beautifully designed razors are weighty and built too last… much longer then the triple/quadruple blade disposable cartridge razors. Benefits with using our Premium Chrome Plated Hand-Polished DE Safety Razors, you’ll have less irritation and it helps prevent razor bumps/ingrown hairs when shaving. In the long run the DE Safety razor is the way to go, compared to the high cost of refilling the inferior disposable cartridges. It’s an easy decision. So make the switch today and enjoy a true gentlemen experience that only a wet shave with Barbedeaux Products can offer.



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