Rapira | Platinum Lux Double Edge Razor Blades, 5 blades

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Platinum coated Double edge safety razor blades.


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5 reviews for Rapira | Platinum Lux Double Edge Razor Blades, 5 blades

  1. LeafBear

    This is my favourite Rapira blade and one of my favourite Russian blades. It’s up there with Astras. Can’t decide which one I like better. The lux shaves really smooth and lasts for multiple shaves. No tugging or irritation.

    I pitch blades after 3, 3 pass shaves, but I’m sure this blade could go longer.

  2. The Velvet Mane

    Having a large economical supply of Astras leaves one centered and almost passive to other shredders. I’m simply used to them. Lately, I have been branching out to other labels. Like their Russian counterparts, the Rapiras are equally sublime in performance, durability and that fine line of smoothness , forgiveness and aggression. That said, everything depends on the gear one uses, the conditions and that sort; but there is a consistency to them. I believe this might be attributed to the same factory umbrella they are produced and housed under. Yes, I have a general bias towards Russian blades because their balance simply works for me. Like the reviewer above, my shaving mantra works in threes.

  3. njthebaud

    Excellent balance of smoothness and sharpness…If Astra ever goes out of business I know what I’ll be switching to. Comes at a better price as well.

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