5 Shark Double Edge Razor Blades

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1 packs of 5 blades

Made in Egypt

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8 reviews for 5 Shark Double Edge Razor Blades

  1. kushaalb17


  2. DispensableFaceCurtains (verified owner)

    I found these blades to be on the mild side. If you have easily irritated skin you’ll probably enjoy the Shark blades but if your facial or neck hair is super thick you may not get your best results. Without using pre-shave oils, on my first and second use of a Shark blade I was able to reach a full face and neck three-pass shave with no irritation but after I washed up I could definitely feel some remaining peach fuzz in a tiny patch under my chin where my hair is like 10-gauge wire. Other than that, they were smooth shaves and I avoided nicks, cuts, and irritation. By the end of the third shave the blade was still passing smoothly over my skin but it was obviously losing a bit of its edge.

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