5 Shark Double Edge Razor Blades

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1 packs of 5 blades

Made in Egypt

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8 reviews for 5 Shark Double Edge Razor Blades

  1. Leyton R

    When I think of blades made in Egypt, I think of Shark. Like most of the other blades from that country, they cut hair, and last a reasonable amount of time. Shark blades have a great retro feel label and packaging, brings a smile to my face when I use them.

  2. njthebaud

    Not my favourite blades but efficient and smooth. Gets the job done.

  3. Dan Walsh

    I like to try as many blades as possible in my shaving and God knows there seem to be a lot of them. I try to shave every day or every other day, but sometimes I go longer and this is when I go to the Shark a little more often, they seem to tug less and cut through the coarser hair better. Still prefer my Big Ben’s and Voskhod’s more, but these are a very good, reasonably priced blade.

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