Dorco | Double Edge Double Edge Razor Blades, 10 Blades

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These double edge razor blades from South Korea will provide a quality and close shave.

Compatible with all standard double edge razors.

South Korea

5 reviews for Dorco | Double Edge Double Edge Razor Blades, 10 Blades

  1. Leyton R

    I first stumbled on these Korean blades while on vacation, I needed some blades so I tried them and was pleasantly surprised. They are as sharp as most other blades and lasted a good 7 or 8 shaves, I probably could have pushed them a bit longer too. Since then I have noticed them being sold in little stores all over world, they must be doing something right!

  2. songqihao12

    this one st-301 and more prime one dorco prime platinum will bring a very good finish and last as other blade but much cheaper.
    st-300 feel almost the same but seem keep sharp a little less than 301 (but nearly same price).

  3. Uzair

    avg shaver, smooth and no nicks, but nothing special..

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