5 Astra (Green) Double Edge Safety Razor Blades

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A go to razor blade for many wet shavers. These Russian made blades by Gillette will fit any standard double edge razor head.

5 blades per pack.

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14 reviews for 5 Astra (Green) Double Edge Safety Razor Blades

  1. sh29

    When I received a tuck of these blades, I was excited to give them a whirl because of the positive feedback I’ve read on the wet shaving message boards and also because of the overall price. Well, that excitement was short lived as I proceeded to irritate my face a decent amount with these blades. I will definitely try again though to make sure it wasn’t just a bad blade.

  2. Caia Innis

    I’ve had good luck with Astra so far – even with the laser-etched ones that some users are convinced are no good. Paired with the right razor and a Light Touch, I’m rewarded with a perfect BBS shave with zero irritation, even in my problem patches. In fact, I find these blades so gentle in my Super Speed that I can’t even tell if they’re cutting sometimes unless I look in the mirror! Great performance plus low prices equals a good blade in my books.

  3. songqihao12

    both Astra is great, sharp, smooth and cheap. try both of them and you will find a better one for you

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