Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements | St. Martin’s Land Artisan Shave Soap – CK-6

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Scent Profile: Jamaican Ginger, Moroccan Chamomile, Lime Peel, Blood Orange, Neroli, Light Patchouli, Indian Sandalwood. Spicy, Green, (Sandal)Woody & Herbaceous…Simply, Otherworldly.



1 review for Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements | St. Martin’s Land Artisan Shave Soap – CK-6

  1. bigs73 (verified owner)

    Let me tell you that the performance of these PAA products are top notch. The lather this produces is amazing, top notch products in my book.
    Now, this particular one does not really get me on the smell, strength is over medium IMO. Initial smell is like smelling a nice bar of soap like Irish Spring and then something comes and ruins it afterwards. As I’m not an expert in smell I can’t pin point what that annoying scent it but I’m assuming it’s the green notes coming after. The soap isn’t as bad as the splash.

    Too bad I bought both soap and splash. It will get used up, it may take 5 years and more, just not in my top scent profiles . My wife likes the scent but not in her faves.

    Performance: 5/5
    Scent: 3/5

    YT’bers seem to like the scent on this one, that’s why I purchased it. Shows you that not everyone will agree and that’s why there are different scent profiles for everyone! But get this, after about 2 hours of having this scent on you, that green smell wears off almost completely and it smells wonderful. Again, that’s my take on this and you may have different results with the scent.

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