Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements | St. Martin’s Land Aftershave/Cologne

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Scent Profile: Jamaican Ginger, Moroccan Chamomile, Lime Peel, Blood Orange, Neroli, Light Patchouli, Indian Sandalwood. Spicy, Green, (Sandal)Woody & Herbaceous…Simply, Otherworldly.

100 Ml Flask

Ingredients: Denatured Alcohol, Sandalwood Hydrosol, Essential & Fragrance Oils Hedione, Glycerin, Aloe Vera, Seaweed Extract, Tamarind Extract

1 review for Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements | St. Martin’s Land Aftershave/Cologne

  1. bigs73 (verified owner)

    These PAA products are top notch, their performance is fantastic! Now this particular one, the smell is not in my top scents. The initial Irish Spring scent is great then it gets ruined with something that gouges my nose. Keep in mind that after a few hours, that annoying scent seems to go away and it smells nice. Unfortunately, I purchased the soap as well and will probably take me 5+ years to go through this. My wife seems to like (not love) the scent, so at least that’s good.

    YT’bers seem to love the scent of this one and that’s why I bought it. It’s so hard to pin point what I didn’t like on this, perhaps the green notes? It wasn’t my cup of tea but it may be for you. Performance of the product is fantastic, no issues there.

    Too bad PAA doesn’t have samples like Stirling Soap Co. as I would have done what I did with Stirling and would have bought a ton of samples to try out. Hint hint…

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