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From Mickey Lee Soapworks

A preshave different from most…not a soap or a liquid. But a butter.

Our preshave looks like butter and acts like butter. It is a semi-solid mixture of rich, skin loving oils that will help moisturize your skin and add some extra slickness to your shave.

How to use:  Simply dampen your skin and take a fingertip-size amount (more if you’re shaving a larger part of your body). Rub the butter between your palms to melt and then apply to area to be shaved. Add a little more water to your skin and you’re ready to go.

Bonus, this also makes for a very nourishing moisturizer!

* Due to the weather heating up, the contents may melt in transit and this product may arrive in a liquid state. While the product will retain its effectiveness, the whipped texture will change to a more dense texture when it has cooled. Please exercise caution when opening if it has been in the heat and be aware of the weather in your area when ordering. 

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2 reviews for Mickey Lee Soapworks | Lime Preshave Butter

  1. Lil’ Shaver

    Absolutely love this product with the exception being it leaves an oily residue behind, which I don’t like to have to deal with on my razor. Still, I feel this adds to the shave much more for the better!!

  2. LeafBear

    Love the scent, great lime scent for the summer.

    Performance wise it helps your razor glide across your face making for a smoother shave. I like that this preshave butter is solid. It makes less of a mess in the sink when compared to liquid preshave oils.

    With regards to the review above that suggests it leaves an oily residue on the razor. I don’t find this to be a problem. I wet my face and then apply the butter after rubbing it between my palms. I let it soften my stubble while I’m lathering my soap (about 45 seconds to a minute) and then I wet my face with some water to remove some of the excess preshave before applying my soap.

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