Grave Before Shave | Gentlemen’s Blend Beard Balm

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GRAVE BEFORE SHAVE Gentlemen’s Blend Beard Balm

tin of Beard balm Using only the finest oils and butters that are used in all G.B.S. products.
This amazing balm helps to tame your beard reducing those pesky flyaway and unruly hairs, while deeply conditioning and protecting your manly mane!
Bourbon scent with Sandalwood after notes

To use:
1. Scrape out desired amount using the back of your thumbnail.
2. Dissolve balm by rubbing between your hands.
3. Then apply to your beard with your palms and fingers.
4. Once desired amount has been applied, you can shape it with your hands, comb , or brush!

2 reviews for Grave Before Shave | Gentlemen’s Blend Beard Balm

  1. capital_m (verified owner)

    Bay Rum will always be my favourite GBS scent, I have been using it for years; with that said Gentlemen’s Blend will be a very close second. Just tried this scent for the first time and its great, it has a masculine vanilla aroma and I am in love with it. The balm is the same great quality I am used to. Don’t hesitate to try it!

  2. nullgate (verified owner)

    Mild hold, clean feel, and a subtle fresh scent. The scent is difficult to describe, but not overpowering at all.

    While I don’t get any bourbon notes, it’s a slight sweet, slight vanilla smell that both I and my wife love. I suppose that “Gentleman’s Blend” is an apt name for the scent.

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