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From Fine:

Fine Accoutrements “Marvel” Safety Razor

The Fine “Marvel” Safety Razor is a model example of form following function in design. Beginning with the premise that the ideal safety razor should be comfortable to use, yet highly efficient at mowing down stubble, we scrutinized every aspect of safety razor design to produce just that. The resulting razor is truly a Marvel of engineering, which sports a precisely arched blade suspended over a large, comforting safety bar.

In use, we suspect cartridge users will be amazed at just how comfortable a safety razor can be, while experienced wet-shavers will be just as surprised at how such an efficient shaver can shorten their usual routines. The “Marvel” may just be the last razor you ever buy.

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2 reviews for Fine | “Marvel” Safety Razor

  1. SidSuds (verified owner)

    The Marvel provides a reasonably smooth shave, not quite mid aggression. The efficiency of the shave is good and is better than what you might expect considering the level of aggression. The flat head geometry does take a few shaves to get used to. In particular, I still find this razor requires a bit more effort and focus to properly shave under my nose. Overall rating: 7/10

  2. SidSuds (verified owner)

    UPDATED REVIEW: I’ve had more time to use this razor, perhaps more importantly alternate using it with a couple other razors. It does take some getting used to and is still a bit tricky to shave with under my nose, but I have dialed in the angle and pressure much better. The large safety bar tends to give a sense that “nothing is happening” when in fact hair is being very efficiently removed with just the weight of the razor applied, i.e. a light touch. At the end of two passes I’m left with a DFS such that a third pass is a somewhat raw BBS, and not worth it. With more practice I’m sure the shaves will get even better. So for me, the razor is both smooth and very efficient, it just takes a fair bit of practice to use properly. 8.5 / 10

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