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From PAA:

What if extraterrestrial languages appealed to our sense of smell rather than hearing? What if they have been communicating to us all along through our strongest of scents? An advanced race utilizing the advanced of the senses.

Seems more than plausible.

What if we only now find ourselves on the brink of this new scentsual evolution brought on by a collective shift back to traditional forms of shaving? A wonton palette and a willing suspension of disbelief is all it takes to touchdown on this mysterious green orb that has only recently appeared on the edge of our galaxy…a Vetiver Planet.

Vetiver Planet is Green as it is Dirty. A carefully designed blend, layer upon layer of Vetiver in all its purest forms; Indian Vetiver Absolute – Réunion Vetivert Hydrosol – Haitian Vetiver Essential Oil – Sri Lankan Vetiver Essential Oil and Vetiver Double Distilled Essential Oil.

So Why All The Vetiver?

Vetiver, much like people, differ from place to place. Depending on the conditions it is grown in will greatly shape and alter the aromatics of the roots, where the scent essence is derived from. So much plays a part; geography, soil quality and conditions, altitude, etc…Having so many tones and variations of a essence is most excellent when trying to build a Vetiver Planet!

Know Your Roots

Each bottle of Vetiver Planet contain clippings of the Indian Vetiver Plant, that not only add a thematic, otherworldly visual element, but also in time, a depth to the aftershave through a slow tincturing process, set at a steady rate by the addition of the Vetiver Hydrosol.

The root is first soaked in the hydrosol to swell up and reconstitute the root so that when added to the alcohol it may better penetrate into the cellular tissue and absorb more of the aroma. Alchemy, Ayurveda and Esoterica are strong in this one!

Indian Vetiver Absolute: Unlike the notable sweet top note found in the Indian Vetiver Essential Oil, you will find it muted in the absolute. Instead a bold, cade-like smokiness and choya leatheriness takes shape in its own orbit. You may also pick up a slight citrus coolness that mingles and teases bitter notes of chocolate, decomposing wood, mossy mustiness and deep, dark amber.

Réunion Vetivert Hydrosol: Vetiver was introduced to Reunion Island in the 1800s, Originally distilled by Ferdinand Pévérelly. Vetiver is grown mainly in southern Reunion. Three varieties are grown on the island and this particular hyrdrosol comes from the Java Vetiver strain which carries a slightly smokier aroma.

Organic Haitian Vetiver Essential Oil: Deep, slightly sweet and resinous, with pronounced earth and root notes and light smoky undertones.

Organic Sri Lankan Vetiver Essential Oil: An excellent, full-bodied, deep, rich and smoky, with strong wood and root notes; has the deepest, most complex character of all the Vetiver oils used in this blend.

Organic Vetiver Double Distilled Essential Oil: Exceptionally smooth, sweet, and refined aroma with a very light green top note; smoother than the other Vetiver oils found in Vetiver Planet and without any smoky or harsh notes, yet has a deep, rich, earthy, and tenacious character and an appealing sweet wood quality.

As with all our aftershave/colognes we use nothing but the highest quality skinfood. PAA/Crown King aftershaves are known for that great, silky post shave feel while providing all day staying power. You will immediately FEEL THE DIFFERENCE.

3.5 Flask

Ingredients: Alcohol, Vetiver Hydrosol, Essential Oil, Hedione, Glycerin Aloe Vera, Vetiver Absolute, Wormwood Steeped

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  1. gillesb1243 (verified owner)

    I your thinking this will smell like Fine’s Clean Vetiver, it’s wont. It’s very muddy, dark and dirty I’d say. This is not my favourite vetiver scent, for an aftershave splash I wish it was crisper, brighter for a better finish. I does feel good on the skin though and for longevity, about an hour and dies off.

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