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From the Vendor:

Taum Sauk Mountain is the highest point in Missouri. Located in the St. Francois Mountains, this scent was designed to smell like a brisk, cold day on the mountain’s summit. The brisk, cold mountain air and cedar trees are represented in this scent, which pays homage to the unmistakable crisp, cold air and bracing breezes felt in a traditional Missouri winter.

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3 reviews for Chatillon Lux | Taum Sauk Aftershave

  1. d__mac (verified owner)

    This one was a bit of a let down. I have Colbeck from last year which has a nice menthol hit and is a typical Chatillon Lux aftershave with a nice dry down.
    Taum Sauk barely has any menthol and it is quite a bit thicker and stickier, not wonderful for hot summer days.
    Chatillon Lux typically makes great aftershaves,may personal fav,but this one fell short of the mark for me.

  2. darrenpries (verified owner)

    Taum Sauk is an excellent aftershave scented with cedar, juniper, and fir with a medium menthol hit. It is by far one my favorite scent.

    Note: While I had an issue with an extra thick liquid and almost no scent in my first bottle, Top of the Chain and Chatillon Lux were quick to replace the bottle with a proper one.

  3. C. R. (verified owner)

    The smell of crisp mountain air. Most menthol of any of my aftershaves, enough to make your eyes water if you aren’t careful. The scent is really beautiful, but doesn’t last all that long. Despite being Chatillon Lux’s lighter summer formula, still has some good stuff for the skin. At double the size of other Chatillon Lux aftershaves, offers decent value for the money. I didn’t find it to be thick or sticky at all, as another reviewer says.

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