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In creating his seminal post-bop classic, Miles Davis’ song “Nefertiti” took its inspiration from the Egyptian queen renowned for both her beauty, wisdom and disregard for the orthodoxy. Queen Nefertiti was known to wear a perfume of honey and orchid leaf, so in this fragrance we combine those warm tones with a crescendo of coniferous kyphi incense, a glissando of jasmine, sparkling terpenes, and the percussive base of oud, immortelle, vetiver and musk.

Notes: honey, orchid leaf, jasmine, kyphi incense, jazz cigarette, immortelle absolute, oud, vetiver and musk


1 review for Chatillon Lux | Nefertiti Aftershave

  1. The Velvet Mane

    On impression here; anyone with a penchant for Middle Eastern attars, honey delights, and ahem, “jazz cigarettes’, will appreciate this fine “incense-ous” nectar of miel. Kyphi incense is the anchor for dear Nefertiti and what a lovely, musky dry-down she offers. Simply soft sweet sensuality… Excellent post shave conditioning is so assumed and typically CL. The real excitement is in the scent profile, the bass notes of this bitches’ brew. An old world of priestly elegance, of rite and ritual, of sexy and niche, and wearable. For those who appreciate the fragrant temple of beeswax and ceremony, this is more than “Hand Jive”. This is “Madness” .

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