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From the Vendor:

The original scent from Chatillon Lux was inspired by Carondelet’s original resident and founder, Clement Delor de Treget. As a French Spaniard who was the highest authority in a lowly trading town, Delor de Treget represents the humble magnificence of Saint Louis.

The rich smell of bergamot and cedarwood is rounded out by the sweet smell of orange and calming lavender. Underneath it all, a brooding undertone of labdanum supports it.

This scent is more rugged than masculine, suitable for anyone preparing for a long day collecting pelts, pushing pencils, or anything in between.

Note: Due to legal regulations, alcohol-based aftershaves may only be shipped to the domestically.

4 reviews for Chatillon Lux | Delor de Treget Aftershave

  1. Mark Bezzina

    Chatillon Lux makes some of the best aftershaves on the market. You pay for it, due to the fact that their 2 oz aftershaves retail for the same price as many other aftershaves’ 4 oz offerings. That said, this stuff is liquid gold post-shave. The scent on Delor de Treget is very cedar-forward but is mellowed out by the orange citrus! This one’s a keeper.

  2. Benjamin Wright

    The quality of these Chatillon Lux aftershaves is incredible. Face feel is fantastic, and the thicker formula is very soothing, especially after a rough shave. The scent of DdT has grown on me — the majority of CL aftershaves are sweet to my nose, almost candy sweet. So, for me, many of the scent notes get lost in the sweetness. But I do like the combo of orange and cedar, which dominate DdT.

  3. Dan Walsh

    This is my first try with Chatillon Lux and judging by all the 5 star ratings on this line, hard to go wrong. This one is simple, bergamot/orange with cedar-wood and this is a great combo, neither one really overpowers the other, just two scents that compliment each other perfectly and provide incredible post shave feel (used this with The Lodge by Shaver Heaven). I like lines like this one because you can used them with multiple soaps, next up on my list Fourth and Pine.

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