Chatillon Lux | Champs de Lavande Aftershave

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On the outskirts of Saint Louis, a lavender farm flourishes in peaceful silence. The floral earthiness underscores the undeniable scent of lavender that fills the air.

This relaxing and introspective walk through a field features lavender, ylang ylang, eucalyptus, rosemary, bergamot and black pepper to give an elegant simple scent that we call Champs de Lavande, an easily wearable and widely appreciated aroma that reflects a spring day in the sun.

Note: Due to legal regulations, alcohol-based aftershaves may only be shipped to the domestically.

1 review for Chatillon Lux | Champs de Lavande Aftershave

  1. Mark Bezzina

    Chatillon Lux makes some of the best aftershaves on the market. You pay for it, due to the fact that their 2 oz aftershaves retail for the same price as many other aftershaves’ 4 oz offerings. That said, this stuff is liquid gold post-shave. The scent on Champs de Lavande is a soft lavender with rosemary undertones; pair with Declaration Shaving’s soap collaboration for a matching shave!

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