Barrister and Mann | Petrichor Aftershave

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Barrister and Mann’s Petrichor Aftershave is the companion piece to the shaving soap of the same name. With a fragrance that brings to mind a fresh rainfall.  The scent is unique and impressive.


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3 reviews for Barrister and Mann | Petrichor Aftershave

  1. Leyton R

    Great aftershave performance as always with B&M. The scent is an odd one, it is earthy, slightly herbal with aquatic undertones. If anyone remembers Roam from B&M it is like that but without the overwhelming smoke that Roam had. Another winner from B&M.

  2. Mark Bezzina

    I shouldn’t even need to mention how well this aftershave performs as B&M is known for quality. The scent is damp earth, but that’s a good thing! Fresh, full bodied mossy scent. If you like darker scents, give this one a try.

  3. njthebaud

    This is one of the only B&M scents that I’m not sure if I really like or not. I’ve only used it a couple times so I suspect it will grow on me the more I do, like other B&M scents I’ve originally disliked. It’s fitting for a grey rainy day so I will likely save it for those occasions. Also, this could use some extra lasting power. I find it doesn’t last as long as other B&M aftershaves.

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