Barrister and Mann | Bay Rum Aftershave Tonique

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From Barrister and Mann

Way back in the glory days of salty sea dogs, sailors used rum tinctures of West Indie bay and spices as disinfectants, fragrances, deodorants, and aftershaves. Over time, many famous fragrance and shaving houses adopted the custom and offered their own versions of the classic scent, which proved to be extremely popular with barbers as well.

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2 reviews for Barrister and Mann | Bay Rum Aftershave Tonique

  1. Leyton R.

    As with all Barrister and Mann products, the quality and value for money are top notch. It feels like it is soothing my skin after a shave, and the scent is one of the top 3 bay rum scents I have tried (and I have tried a lot). It is a modern bay rum, not a clove fest like some others, the scents lasts a hour or so for me, but occasionally I get a pleasant hint of it a few hours later. I will always try to have this in my collection of aftershaves.

  2. njthebaud

    My all-time favourite bay rum. Scent lasts all day and it’s completely clove-less. Works well for both winter and summer…you really can’t go wrong.

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