Barrister and Mann Cologne Russe Aftershave Splash

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From Barrister and Mann

Based on one of the oldest forms of perfume, Cologne Russe is a throwback to a scent created by the House of Guerlain for the Russian royal family and discontinued in the early twentieth century.

We blend lemon, bergamot, petitgrain, and herbs with violet, rose, bay, and amber to produce a rich, beautifully fresh scent derived from the colognes of old. The scent is distinctly warmer than most other cologne-type fragrances, owing largely to its inclusion of castoreum, benzoin, and vanilla. Clean and elegant without the aloofness of some other scents, Cologne Russe is the perfect way to brighten your morning.

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Net wt. 3.5 fl oz., Made in the USA

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5 reviews for Barrister and Mann Cologne Russe Aftershave Splash

  1. Mark Bezzina

    This is the only one of Barrister and Mann’s scents that I just flat don’t like. It’s not the scent itself but something IN the scent that just doesn’t agree with my nose. Kind of a thick, peppery note that gives me a visceral “I don’t like it” response. Scents are super personal, however, so don’t let this review dissuade you from trying it out. I’ve rated three stars so as to not tank the average because after all, it’s still Barrister and Mann’s soap, which is phenomenal.

  2. njthebaud

    I absolutely love the scent on this, I actually think it’s one of Will’s best creations. But like the other reviewer said, scents are personal so you may find that you dislike it, but I think most people will like it. It’s bright and clean.

  3. Galopin

    Classy and unique. It does start off with the violet and roses so some may find it a little old fashion. I really like pulling this one out once in a while for a change.

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