Hendrix Classics & Co.

Hendrix Classics & Co. | Gunslinger Aftershave Splash / EDT Cologne (100ml)


HCC feels that this is their best offering ever due to the way the artwork turned out on metallic stock as well as the fragrance. Westerns capture the human imagination with their popularity around the world. They may be more American than baseball and apple pie.

Most will find this to be a most excellent tobacco fragrance. The bonus is that the ladies will love it as well. A dupe of Red Tobacco by Manera, it has the following accords in order of prominence: Warm Spicy, Tobacco, Woody, Sweet, Vanilla, Amber, cinamon, Oud, Fruity


Ingredients:  100 Proof Denatured Alcohol (SAD-40B), Fragrance, Polysorbate 80

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