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345 Soap Co. | Rocky Mountain Tree Line Shave Soap

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Continuing with our outdoor series, Rocky Mountain Tree Line is reminiscent of the fragrance between the last line of the trees, and the tops of the highest Rocky Mountains.

The elevation of the tree line in Colorado starts at approximately 11,200 feet. We wanted to capture that scent so you could close your eyes, inhale, and bring you right to that spot. With Bright Citrus leading the hike up the trail, you’ll get a sense of the freshness of the mountains. Not one citrus in particular, but all of them working together in unison to make your experience up lifting. Of course while hiking the trail, you’ll have the scent of soft fresh pine floating around as you pass by each tree, climb each rock, and traverse through the great outdoors. Making it through the highest of mountains, you’ll stop right at the edge between the here and now, and almost break through to the top of the world.

Welcome to the Tree Line. The line in the mountain where the trees stop growing, and the mountains keep reaching higher for the cool, crisp sky. This fragrance brings a balance of all the scents that worked so hard to get all the way up the mountain.

You’ll get a large 5.8 ounce tub of deliciously scented shave soap. This large tub is not only affordable, but is based with high quality ingredients that allow for the perfect shave. This soap base not only nourishes your skin, but it replenishes, rejuvenates, and reinvigorates your skin. Make sure you get the matching aftershave. Both the soap and aftershave work together to truly give you the best shave!

Ingredients: Stearic Acid, Beef Tallow, Milks of Donkey, Camel, & Goat, Shea butter, Coconut oil, Palm oil, Potassium hydroxide, Distilled water, Castor oil, Sodium hydroxide, Glycerin, Grapeseed oil, Cocoa butter, Yogurt, Lanolin, Jojoba oil, Capuaca butter, Murumuru butter, Kokum butter, Panthenol, Allantoin, Hydrolyzed Silk Protein, Fragrance.

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